Weekly Argentine tango dance classes in Stirling

No previous dance experience or partner needed



Wednesdays - Tango technique, one to one feedback, Max 8 people

 19.00 - 20.00: class

20.00 - 20.30: guided practice, one to one feedback

Max 6/8 people

Venue: YirajeStudio

30 Cooperage Quay, Stirling, FK8 1JJ

Fridays: open group class - all levels

19.30 - 20.30: class

20.30 - 21.00: guided practice + group feedback

21.00 - 21.20: unsupervised practice



Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Hall 

Albert Place, Dumbarton Road, Stirling

FK8 2RG  

Every first Friday of the month:

20.00- midnight: milonga 

(no class 1st Friday of  the month). Venue: above

You do not need any dancing experience or partner to join us.

We will guide you and help you to unlock your tango dance potential and enjoy learning something completely new. 

We help students to build their tango on their daily walk style and previous dance or sport experience (e.g. yoga, contemporary dance, martial arts). Join our  group, private and mini private classes. It will be fun!



About YirajeTango 

Alenka Jelen-Sanchez

Alenka (Slovenia), started training show dance and Latin American dances as a child, then moved on to  jazz ballet, salsa, and tango. She has been teaching and performing tango with Ariel since 2012. She is a communication  lecturer, bringing her expertise into teaching, interpreting, and explaining tango.  She continues exploring dance integration currently from the classical ballet perspective. 


Pedro Ariel Sanchez

Ariel (Argentina) was raised with tango. His father was a popular tango singer, singing at milongas in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Ariel spent his childhood at local milongas and experienced the background of tango and tango performances as well as witnessed the efforts to maintain the cultural force and values of tango. He started dancing tango in 2000, and moved to the UK to teach tango in 2004. He brought a diverse experience in street and corporate dance performing, and is interested in keeping tidy  the tango dirt (tango arrabalero). He is a sociologist .

Alenka & Ariel teach and organise tango events in Stirling. They continue to study and learn tango either by organising events with professional visiting tango dancers in Scotland  , or training in Buenos Aires.


Places to learn tango in Buenos Aires are plenty, but we suggest: DNI, La Viruta - Luis Solanas (compulsory learning stop for any tango dancer) or any of the Viruteros/as teachers, Roberto Herrera, Roberto Firpo, Check to Check, and ... any place that says tango classes. But Argentine tango cannot be split from the Argentinean political history, and visits to the ESMA , Evita museum, Madres y Abuelas de Playa de Mayo,that are crucial political memory institutions, will give you a profound understanding of the social context linked to tango. 

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